Shopify design challenge

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Shopify Design Challenge

The main concept of this application is a goal setting app that allows users to see their progress and gain achievements to add the element of gamification. Users are able to add goals such as eating healthy at various times throughout the day, staying hydrated by drinking a healthy amount of water (or drinking less of something), and doing various workouts.

A huge part of living a healthy lifestyle is forming healthy habits, and this app makes setting goals and forming good habits both easy and fun! The leveling up system helps users see that they are improving, even if they may not see the effects of a healthy lifestyle right away. Completing a certain % of set goals weekly and unlocking achievements can add experience point multipliers to keep users motivated to stick to the goals that they set.

In terms of design decisions, one of my goals was to make the app as easy to use as possible and to avoid creating confusion among new users. The main screen allows users to see their current goals, as well as add new goals with minimal effort. The three categories (healthy eating, physical health, and hydration) consist of three different colour gradients that I believe suit the categories nicely as well as provide a positive vibe across the overall experience.

Ideally, in the finished version, the three categories will be able to expand/contract based on the number of goals added so that there’s no limit to how many goals a user can have at a given time. A big part of the current design is that it’s based around simple swipe and press gestures to access everything a user may need. This means that hunting through menus is not needed, creating an easy to use and fluid experience for users.

Adding daily/weekly goals is fast and easy. No more wasting time!

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Compete for new titles and achievements to gain experience multipliers

image displaying current co-working space offerings

My angle

A healthy lifestyle starts with forming healthy habits. To truly live a healthy life it’s important to not only eat healthy and workout once every month, but to do so on a daily basis. A goal setting app is great for all sorts of people, especially one that tracks results. The main target audience I wanted to focus on was future generations and gamers. The reason for this is that there are many gamers who live unhealthy lifestyles (me a few years ago for one) consisting of sitting in a room for hours on end, eating junk food and drinking pop and energy drinks. The question that I asked myself was how could I get more gamers to live a healthy lifestyle? My answer was gamification.

The reason I mentioned future generations, is that gaming isn’t going away any time soon. Nowadays it isn’t uncommon for prestigious colleges and universities to offer scholarships to those who are talented at video games. E-sports is becoming bigger than ever and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon. With this in mind, it’s important to focus on future generations as well as current ones and to design with a wide variety of people in mind.