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The IRL Offline Button

An iPhone with the Offline logo in the center. Red gradient in BG, 'Offline' is written above the phone.

Just because you're on or around your phone doesn't mean you should be expected to reply 24/7

People spend a lot of time on their devices connected to the world. From instant messaging to social media to digital news and more, people are more connected to the world than ever before. One problem that arises from this constant use of technology is that there seems to be a belief that just because people have a phone and are awake they should be available for anything right away (phone calls, texts, DMs, mentions so on).

What my product Offline does is try to remedy this expectation by acting as a sort of real life offline/away button, which allows users to inform others when they're taking a break from technology for various reasons. This project was completed during my fall semester as the first of my 2 capstone projects. It covered the entire UX design process from ideation all the way to high-fidelity prototyping.

Check out the project on Behance by clicking the icon below!

Read the entire case study by clicking on the icon below! Note: if you're on an Apple product, the PDF sometimes gets a little messed up (random squares & shadows, images missing or in random places in the Hi-Fi mocks). To fix this, download the PDF and open with Acrobat Reader.

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