Creating bookable

Team: Filip Telescu, Fahim Shahriar, Nicholas Chan

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Creating a seamless office rental experience

The goal of this project was to create a unique and easy way to both book and rent office space, as well as to book meeting rooms while in the office space itself. Our team (including myself, Fahim Shahriar, and Nicholas Chan) completed the entire design process from research all the way to high-fidelity designs, and will continue to further develop this app/service throughout the next few months.

The current state of co-working spaces

Before we began designing it was important to research what currently exists in order to identify problems, as well as the direction we wanted to go in. After spending some time visiting various co-working spaces we were able to clearly identify problems and start working towards designing a product. Note: The middle point on the image below is our product, bookable.

image displaying current co-working space offerings

Booking offices

Tenants are presented options and filters to narrow down their search for the perfect place

image displaying current co-working space offerings

Booking meetings

Once tenants have booked an office, they can easily schedule meeting rooms.

image displaying current co-working space offerings


Tenants are informed clearly about their rental and terms. They can also communicate with land managers easily

image displaying current co-working space offerings


Tenants are always informed about the cost of their rental and the amount they will pay and when.

image displaying current co-working space offerings


After my team and I designed the app screens, I took the Sketch file into Principle and animated them for testing and our first promo video. Principle is an awesome tool for animating screens and is one of my personal favourite softwares to use when designing!

image displaying animation artboard in principle

Updated Design Elements

Since the start of the product, our team has continued to explore Bookable and its potential. Below are a few updated design elements I created using Sketch to explore a new direction for the UI of Bookable.

Updated web concept design

Updated design

Updated design

Updated web concept design

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