24/Seven, Easily See Who's Free

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This was the first serious project that I worked on with my good friend and machine learning student Brennan Gebotys. The goal was to create an app that easily allowed users to see which of their friends were free and which were busy.

Both of us had been in situations that went a little something like this:

Me: "hey you free to chill?"

Friend I asked:

Person 2:"whats up man are you busy rn?"

Me: *waiting on the first friend I asked* "mb I might have plans!"

Time: *hours pass*

Friend I asked 5 hours later: "duude my bad I'm busy"

Person 2 that asked hours ago: *busy now*

Me: *slightly frustrated and now with no plans*

What we did about it

So we came up with an app that allows people to show whether or not they were free to make things just a little bit easier. After I designed the screens I brought them over to XCode, and Brennan added some backend to the project and even got a login system to work with the app which was awesome.

image displaying current co-working space offerings


This was a great way to practice working with a developer for me, and was a fun passion project that we made over a summer. It helped both of us sharpen our skills, and it was great to go from an idea all the way to a working prototype.