Filip Telescu

UX/UI Designer (among other things) with a passion for all things future tech.

Column: The Future of Newsletters

Personal - 2022

iPhone with the column sign up page on it

Flex: Bringing the In-Office Work Experience Home

Capstone - 2021

photo showing a laptop with our product Flex on it, 'Flex' is written overtop.

Offline: UX/UI Design

Personal - 2020

An iPhone skewed 45 degrees with the Offline logo in the center. Red gradient in BG.

File Emailer: Python Project

Personal - 2020

A terminal showing that a project has been completed, an iPhone receiving a notification that the backup was a success.

Nuit: UX/UI Design

Personal - 2020

another iPhone with the Nuit logo in the center of it, 'nuit' is written above the phone.

Now for something a little more interesting...

1. Using your phone's camera, scan the black & white QR code to open my Instagram filter (must have IG downloaded)

2. Point the filter at the image below with the purple QR & the Memojis

QR code that will open a filter in Instagram
the image that Spark AR will use to start the AR experience

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